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New Talent Fashion is a platform to empower and showcase upcoming fashion talent, connecting creatives, graduates, and students with the fashion industry. 

So, whether you’re thinking about studying fashion at university, want to keep up to date with the latest trends, or just curious about what a career in the industry is actually like, we’re here to share our curated content as Freshers Festival’s fashion partner.


  • Your guide to fashion in the UK
  • Getting ready for university mini-guide
  • Charity shopping cheat sheet
  • Fashion career insights
  • Indie brands on our radar
  • Uni homeware essentials

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Your guide to fashion in the UK

We’ve rounded up a selection of fashion courses in the UK, straight-hand advice from students across the country, and the hidden gems you won’t want to miss. Delve deep into the interactive map and explore what’s on offer across the country. 

Getting ready for university mini-guide 

University is finally around the corner and your next steps into education await. You may have already decided the course you’re going to study or have a few options in mind – big decisions are being made and now’s the time to get ready for change, opportunity, and growth. This mini-guide will share the key questions you should consider, delve deeper into self-reflection, and share our advice from the NTF team’s time in education.

Charity shopping cheat sheet

Loved our curation of charity and vintage shops on the interactive map? One of the best ways to shop sustainably and consciously is doing it in thrift stores and charity shops, so we’ve shared a few tricks that can help you succeed in your next pre-loved shopping venture. 

Fashion career insights

The fashion industry is a crowded place, bursting with creativity and innovation, but with a multitude of career paths and routes to explore, it can sometimes be tricky to navigate (or even get started with the idea of working within it). Whether you’ve thought about studying for a creative degree to set you up for a role in the industry, or if fashion hasn’t been on your agenda, we share the inside scoop into life as a professional, here at New Talent Fashion.

Indie brands on our radar

Like to shop indie? Take a look at our shopping guide to discover the brands we think you should be aware of, and a collection of unique pieces to elevate your wardrobe. It’s great to support local businesses and independents too, so be sure to get acquainted with those around your university.

Uni homeware essentials

Making your university room feel like home is so important when moving into student accommodation or halls of residence. We’ve selected a few homeware buys perfect to get you settled right in.

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