The 5 Biggest Universities in the UK

Which university has the largest number of students? You might very well be surprised…

5. University of Birmingham – 33,830 students

Birmingham is the UKs third most populated city, and its university is the fifth largest! With 33,000+ students, you won’t have any trouble meeting new people in Birmingham. It’s also one of the hardest partying unis, so you can imagine how crazy the nightlife is with so many students!

4. UCL – 37,135 students

UCL has a huge campus, and its accommodation is spread across London. It is hardly surprising then that UCL have so many students on their books. Many of these are also international students, as UCL is the university with the most international applicants in the UK!

3. University of Manchester – 39,700 students

Manchester is the largest city in the country outside of London, and it’s one of the biggest universities as well! With almost 40,000 students, Manchester is actually often considered the largest university in the UK, as the next two on this list are slightly different entities…

2. The Open University – 126, 210 students

The Open University is an online university, and not the kind many students experienced in the past year. It’s entirely built for online learning, but with in-person meet ups and practicals that you can attend if you wish. As it is online, it means they can have many more students from all around the world: over 120,000 to be exact!

1. University of London – 161,270 students

This isn’t actually a university in itself, rather it is a group of universities that share facilities. Its members include LSE, Kings, Queen Mary’s, and many more. However officially if you attend one of these universities, you also attend University of London, which is how it has so many students. Confusing, we know…