The 5 Universities with the BEST Social Life

Whilst studying at uni is important, it’s also crucial to have a social life! Well, University Compare allowed students to vote for which uni has the best social life, and the results are in!

5. Liverpool John Moores University

There is more than one unviersity in Liverpool! In fact, John Moores is renowned for a number of its subjects, but also for its social life! Liverpool has some awesome places to chillout, from bottomless brunches to warehouse raves! This makes John Moores fantastic for socialising.

4. Nottingham Trent University

Similar to Liverpool, Nottingham is famous for its nightlife. Nottingham Trent is often considered slightly more relaxed than it’s Nottingham partner, but with all the same nightlife, restaurants, and social activities.

3. University of Liverpool

Liverpool again, but this time University of Liverpool! One of the best things about this uni is its societies. There are over 200 societies, ranging from Poker to Politics. If you want to meet new friends, joining societies is often the best way to do it!

2. University of Leeds

Leeds is infamous as a party uni, so it’s no surprise it is considered one of the best places for your social life. Leeds has some fantastic sports teams, so if you are into your sports then you’ll be happy. Similarly, it has some great social spots, and some of the best nightlife in the country!

1. Newcastle University

Newcastle has everything. Nearby beaches, the famous Quayside, amazing sports facilities, societies, clubs, and more! If you want a social life, Newcastle university is the best place to be. It’s also a highly ranked and respected university for academics, making it even more awesome!