The 5 Universities with the Lowest Dropout Rate

The ‘dropout rate’ is simply the % of students who leave university before they graduate. This happens for a number of reasons, and you shouldn’t read too much into this. Anyway, here are the 5 universities with the lowest dropout rates.

5. Bath – 1.7%

Bath is a beautiful university, scoring highly in all areas, and situated in a wonderful part of the UK. Therefore it is unsurprising that the dropout rate is so low – only 1.7%!

4. Courtauld Institute of Art – 1.6%

Courtauld is a specialist arts university in the UK. Students who attend will likely love their subject (which is why they chose a specialist university), and this is probably why the dropout rate is so low.

3. Royal College of Music – 1.5%

Similar to Courtauld, the Royal College of Music is another specialist university. It’s also incredibly difficult to get into, with a vigourous musical application process. Once you get in, then, it is unlikely you are going to want to leave!

2. Oxford – 1.2%

As one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford is a renowned university, and completing a degree from here will be worth a lot for your future aspirations. Again, this makes it unsurprising that the dropout rate is so low, only 1.2%!

1. Cambridge – 1%

Often ranked the best university in the UK, Cambridge has some of the most intelligent and academically gifted students from around the world in its roster. These students worked extremely hard to get in, and they obviously work extremely hard to stay there as well!