The UK Universities with the Largest Campuses

What are the benefits of a large campus? It usually means more space to enjoy, more facilities, and more potential for a fantastic experience! Obviously this isn’t always the case, but having a large campus is usually a good thing for universities!

5. Edge Hill

With a massive 160 acre campus in Lancashire, Edge Hill is one of the most attractive university sites in the UK. With huge playing fields, water sites, and accommodation blocks, Edge Hill is a brilliant university for any nature loving individual!

4. Dundee University

For those of you considering a Scottish university, Dundee has an extremely big campus. It contains an excellent mixture of sports facilities, gardens, historic old buildings, new blocks, and more! It’s also located in an excellent spot in the West End of Dundee City, meaning it has a broad range of facilities for students to enjoy.

3. Lancaster University

Taking up a whopping 560 acres just outside of Lancaster, the University of Lancaster is one of the largest campuses in the UK. Similar to the others on the list, it is surrounded by beautiful countryside and is an extremely attractive place to study!

2. Exeter University

With a similar sized campus to Lancaster, Exeter is another example of a campus university in a fantastic location next to a big city. Exeter has 3 campuses in total, and it’s a fantastically high-tech, modern university with some brilliant accommodation opportunities.

1. Loughbourough University

Loughbourough is often seen as the ‘sporty uni’, and it certainly has a huge campus featuring playing fields, all-weather pitches, and even an indoor athletics centre. Aside from sports, Loughborough has some sizeable accommodation blocks and lecture halls, and being situated in a beautiful part of the UK isn’t too bad either!