The Universities that Give Out the Most Firsts

A 1st class degree is equivalent to an A or A*. For some people, getting a 1st class degree is important. But did you know there is a huge difference between the ammount of 1sts given at different universities? Here are the 5 ‘Russel Group’ universities that give out the most first class honours:

5. University of Manchester – 36%

Manchester is known as one of the largest universities in the UK, but it’s also one of the best places for giving out firsts! Over a third of all students at the uni come out with a 1st class degree.

4. Oxford – 37.2%

It’s a common misconception that the very top ranking unis achieve the most firsts. In fact, some people suggest it is often harder to achieve a first at the top unis. Remember, university is not like A Levels, and you compete against the other people at your specific uni, rather than people across the country. Either way, Oxford do give out a fair few firsts!

3. Durham University – 37.5%

Another top ranking universiry that gives a lot of firsts. Durham ranks at number 3 on our list with 37.5%.

2. UCL – 40.3%

UCL are a huge university with a very large number of international students. These students travel to experience London, attend a fantastic university, and of course to get a good grade! Over 40% of people at UCL achieve a first.

1. Imperial College London – 46.4%

Incredibly, almost 50% of students at Imperial come out with the top grade. We aren’t sure why Imperial scores their students so highly, but if you are looking to go to university to get a first class, then heading to Imperial could be your best bet…