Top 5 Hardest Partying Unis

We all know university students love to party, but who actually does it best? Here are 5 of the hardest partying unis in the UK.

5. Aberystwyth

This Welsh uni is known for its beautiful buildings and beaches, but did you know they love to party? Any Welsh uni is guaranteed to be party central, but none do it better than Aberystwyth. Pier Pressure club on the pier is a huge and awesome experience that you don’t want to miss!

4. Newcastle

Northern universities are known for their nightlife, and Newcastle is no exception. In fact, Newcastle has 265 drinking establishments, meaning there is no shortage of place for a great night out!

3. Glasgow

Glasgow is known to be a little bit louder than it’s famous neighbour in Edinburgh, and you can see why. From awesome party venues such as The Arches (where we hold our annual Freshers Festival), to huge clubs such as Garage, you’ll definitely be haing a great time.

2. Leeds

Some might be surprised it didn’t make the top of our list, but that shouldn’t take away from what an awesome party uni this is. It is well known as one of the biggest ‘party unis’ in the UK, and from the number of clubs they have, you can really see why…

1. Birmingham

Coming in at number 1 is Birmingham. Their list of venues is huge, with huge warehouse raves, traditional pubs, and big club nights all forming part of the nightlife ecosystem. If you want to go to uni for a real party experience, Birmingham should definitely be on your list!