Top Free Things to do in Edinburgh as a Student

Students are often strapped for cash, but you can still enjoy a day out without spending big. So grab your flatmates and friends and visit one of these places if you want a fun and cheap day out in Edinburgh!

Arthurs Seat

If you live in Edinburgh, you know that walking up to Arthurs Seat is something you have to do at least once whilst studying in the city! Walking to it and back will roughly take you 2 hours, but you can always stop along the way and have a picnic (if it isn’t too windy and cold). Getting fresh air and doing some exercise as a student is really important as it will give you a break from work!

The Cat Café

Everyone knows you cannot bring your pets to uni, and sometime we miss our furry friends! Look no further because Edinburgh has its own cat café. So whilst you’re enjoying your cup of tea and slice of cake, you can also pet the 12 cats that roam freely around the café.

World of Illusion

They have loads of different optical illusions for you to try and work out across their 5 floors! If you have never visited anything like this before, it will be a new and fun experience for you all! Make sure you bring your student ID as they do offer a discount for students.

The Stand Comedy Club

If you need a laugh, then why don’t you head down to your local comedy club? At the moment they are still doing virtual events, but they are running comedy acts online for FREE. So before they open up, make sure you check out their virtual events first and have a few laughs to brighten up your evening.

Botanical Gardens

This won’t be for everyone, but getting out into nature is one of the best ways to relax and reset from all the deadlines you might have. The gardens are free to walk around in, all you need to do is book a time slot for your visit.