UK Universities with the Most International Students

Are you an international student? Or are you simply interested in which universities international students prefer? Then we’ve got you covered. But rememer this list is based on TOTAL international students (2019 figures), not on %, so things could be a little skewed in favour of the bigger unis.

5. University of Glasgow

8815 international students. As one of the largest Scottish universities, University of Glasgow is extremely popular with international students. They also have a great range of subjects which usually encourages more interantional students to attend!

4. King’s College London

11175 international students. London universities are renowned for their international student numbers, and King’s is no different. As much as for the unviersity itself, international students often pick based off the city (as they want to explore), so King’s is in a perfect place for that!

3. University of Edinburgh

12025 international students. Edinburgh is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. Combined with the fact that it is the capital of Scotland, it’s no surprise that so many interantional students want to attend!

2. The University of Manchester

13750 international students. As the biggest university in the UK, results may not be entirely surprising for Manchester. Their proportion of international students isn’t as high as some other universities, but the fact they have so many students (and that it’s such a major city) means lots of international students still attend!

1. University College London

17990 international students. UCL has everything going for it: A top ranked uni, right in the middle of London, and so many students! Moreover, the fact that they specialise in science & medical subjects (which are extremely popular with international students) is also why so many students attend from abroad.